Training & Educational Programs

Dear Business Associates,
As we all knew, Education & Training sessions plays very vital role in Direct Selling Industry. For doing any kind of business we need to have complete product knowledge & system awareness. Where in Direct Selling Industry these will play key role for field force. Unfortunately we don't have any kind of Organizations, Institutes, Schools or Colleges to teach us Direct Selling Business Nature. Hence the only way of doing business through such trainings one can save our precious Money & Time. To multiply our business module in a rapid format, these Training Sessions will helps all of us to achieve our Targets in much quicker time.. You are always rewarded when your team works and if they works with proper knowledge, our earnings will multiplied. If you want your team to get educated you must get education first because “your team don’t do what you say, they do what you do".

So, Educate yourself and your team to blast your business and thereby earnings. To Increase your Business, make sure that you have to attending the following program's according to your Recognition in regular intervals.

Type of Session
Min. Strength Req.

BDM (Biz Dev Meet)

4-5 Hours
All BA’s
Rs. 200/-

LDP (Leadership Dev Program)

1 Day
Pearl & above
Rs. 500/-

WBP (Wellness & Business Program)

1 Day
Pearl & above
Rs. 2000/-

To Organize any of above sessions in your Territory, please contact your Promoter or write us Info@DreamLifeIndia.Biz and our support team will assist soon.

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