Branding and Marketing Support

We provide marketing support to promote our business in following ways:

» Hoardings
» TV Commercials
» Publicity on Social Media
» Banners
» Canopy
» Glow sign boards
» In-Shop Branding
» Visiting cards
» Leaflets & Posters
» Product videos

The range of marketing items provided by us will help you to connect with our customers and create publicity about our business model in your vicinity.

Mass-Media Marketing to Support your Business

Amity, runs their promotional campaigns on TV, outdoor, newspapers, radio and social media. We will be a part of all the marketing and promotional campaigns to ensure that you get maximum customers through brand visibility.

Support from Sales Team

Apart from the regular support, our sales team on field will assist you in running your business smoothly. During big consumer events, our marketing team will help in planning promotional activities, developing strategies to maximize sales, and expanding your customer base as per requirements best suited to your business.

Training Support

We provide comprehensive training to understand our business in greater detail. Product related training will be provided through our e-learning modules to enhance your product knowledge. Also, you will be provided training on how to increase sales. This will not only help you understand the products you are selling, but also help you sell them better to our customers.
Also, we will train selected associates in essential business and entrepreneurial skills which shall empower you to run our business smoothly and efficiently.

Best In Class Warehouse and Delivery Support

With our state-of- the-art Warehouses & Distribution Centers, you no longer need to worry about stocking goods or delivering them.
With the high-end logistics technology we can ensure that the products ordered by our customers will be delivered to their doorsteps with great speed and efficiency.

Customer friendly Policies

We have a simple & efficient policy which will be taken care by our Customer Support. So, our customers can directly send an e-mail or call our customer care team for their issues. Also, our Customer Care department is committed to provide excellent customer care services for all our customers and our selling agents to answer their queries regarding product information, ordering & delivery etc. Moreover, in case you need any assistance, you too can reach out to them whenever required.



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